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Self-Love Is The Best Love

A time was had at Self-Love ReImagined, a Galentine's themed event that you just had to be there to experience!

From the venue to the decor it was truly the perfect environment to let old sh*t go, and let self love in!

There is nothing better than going to an event alone and leaving with new friends. Self-Love ReImagined seemed more like a group of old friends getting together than a first time event. Everyone was all smiles and inviting as they walked though the door and mingled before getting started.

We kicked the day off with the cutest IF These Boards Could Talk charcuterie cups, a glass of HER Wine, and a toast to ourselves! Instead of waiting to be celebrated or always celebrating others, we selfishly prioritized celebrating the woman within. We immediately dived into our letting go activity. Before you can invite more of anything into you life you have to make room and release what no longer serves you. So we wrote down everything that we wanted to release and remove from our lives on a plate and then went outside and physically broke them.

And boy oh boy did it feel good!!! Sometimes we fight so hard to keep certain things in our lives. Only to realize later that letting go was the best choice for us. After completing the letting go activity and dumping those broke pieces in the trash we made our way back inside to ReImagine the woman looking us back in the mirror. We daydreamed about the best, highest, favorite version of ourselves. We got extremely clear on who she was and what she wanted. As we fully embodied the women that we aspired to become we completed a variety self-love activities including Mini Reset Worksheets, a sound bath, guided meditation, and writing ourselves personalized love notes. I can't wait for everyone to receive their love note in the mail six months from now and read what they are most proud of accomplishing within that timeframe.

All I can say is if you missed this event make sure you don't miss the next one. The Vibrary ATL was absolutely full of love and secure, supportive, sisterly feminine energy. Galentine's 2024 owes me nothing.

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Until next time....

Love + Light, Always,

Mi'Lisa Idora

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